Why Sponsor with FANOS?

By sponsoring a child with FANOS, you are not only making a real difference to a child’s life but also the community the child lives in. Child sponsorship is most importantly helping to sustain children’s futures so that they can become self-reliant and successful individuals.

 By the provision of sponsorship schemes we firstly ensure that street and orphaned children gain access to basic welfare such as care, food and shelter. Then we ensure that children are enrolled in school and are provided with all the necessary school essentials including uniforms, books and stationery. Our Care Workers regularly monitor children’s school attendance, review their progress and counsel them in any way necessary. The child sponsorship programme also includes an emergency fund.  This fund is used when urgently needed for extra medical expenses or for food for a child’s entire family, plus a monthly saving of 5% in a child's new bank account, which a child can use after the age of 18. Therefore, you can be assured that every penny you donate is spent wisely, focusing on transforming a child's life for better.


What you need to know

The below diagram explains the key stages of becoming a child sponsor. For more information on child sponsorship and other FANOS' projects, have a look at our or email us at

What you need to know

To date, FANOS have supported over 240 children and 45 young individuals
who have now managed to graduate from different professions or set up their own businesses and became self-reliant. Seeing those children turning into successful young people who have become self-reliant is exactly what motivates FANOS to keep going.... But we cannot stop here as there are still hundreds of desperate children on the streets of Ethiopia urgently in need of a sponsor so they can also have a chance for better future any child deserves.

Please become a sponsor with FANOS today and help a child to have a chance in life!