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Every FANOS project is different, however each one is as equally important as it provides vital services to vulnerable children and young individuals.

ICT/Book Project

FANOS tries to regularly send computers and books to schools and libraries in Ethiopia so children can have better access to learning materials and be introduced to ICT which will help them to become more successful in their education.

We have recently sent 85 desktop computers and around 750 various school text books. These were distributed among schools and libraries in Addis Ababa and also in two smaller towns in the north part of Ethiopia – Combolcha and Arsi. There are many children who have never even seen a computer and so this project is very positive gain for many schools and libraries in Ethiopia.

The actual cost of sending computers and books to Ethiopia is extremely costly and so we are in desperate need of more funds to be able to keep sending more materials. The cost of  shipping of each donated computer is around £10. Only thanks to regular donations from our sponsors we can afford to do this. 


It will cost around £35 to ship :

  • 4 Donated desktop computers OR
  • 40 - 60 school books to libraries and schools in Ethiopia

We appreciate donations of any computers in good working conditions and also school textbooks (of any level).

Please if you would like to donate a PC or school textbooks. apply.

How FANOS helped

My name is Seniya Tesfaye. I have never seen a computer until FANOS donated some to our school.  Now I learnt what a mouse and a keyboard is. Now I also know where the alphabet is on the keyboard. My teacher has showed me how to  type using a Mavis software and  I am always   learning something new.  Through FANOS Partial Support programme my school expenses and extra transport expenses have been paid for so that I am able to travel to my school which is very far away from where I live. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

"My name is Faad Gemal and I am in a year 8. I have started computer class since October and I am very lucky to have this opportunity. I have learned Word, Excel , Access and how to find different kinds of information. Now I am sharing good practice with my fellow students from the experience and knowledge I have gained. I thank FANOS, my Teacher, Mr Bestlot Tesfaye  and the school for the opportunity that I have been given. Thank you."