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Every FANOS project is different, however each one is as equally important as it provides vital services to vulnerable children and young individuals.

Housing Project

This is the next important and most costly project FANOS has been gradually developing since 2004 for the most deprived children and their guardians who have been found living in very poor conditions.

The Housing Project focuses on repairing, rebuilding or renovating homes of those children who are found to be living well below the standard of living. There are many children who, despite attending school, are found to be living on the streets just in plastic sacks along side with their families. It is very heartbreaking for anyone to see and yet this is the reality of life for many children.

Therefore we try to do everything we can to raise funds to be able to re-house these children in need because no child deserves to have to live on the streets like this.

FANOS organises various fund raising activities specifically designed for the Housing Project, one of which was the Ethiopian Millennium Event in 2004. FANOS managed to raise over £2500 which helped to re-house 7 children and their families living in the most desperate condition. It also helped 6 other families with minor house repair works to improve their living conditions.

Far too many children in Ethiopia live below the basic living standard. We need your help to continue our efforts to take more children off the street. Please get involved and help us raise more money.


£295 can pay towards housing improvement for one child's family:

  • Repairing leaking roof
  • Repairing damaged wall
  • Resurfacing floor
How FANOS helped

Yitbarek lives with his two brothers and sister, and he is the 4th child of the family. After he finished his studies at the Black Lion Secondary School, he went to study to Africa Health College.  He is currently in his final year.

“Because of the re-generation scheme, all the houses in our area were demolished. Residents from this area were offered a new accommodation but we were unable to pay down payment for the mortgage that was requested. It was impossible for someone like us to afford it but we have been fortunate to have found FANOS and be able to move in. If we didn't have the help from FANOS, we would have been living on the streets. After I graduate, I plan to continue studying for a degree to become a Dentist. I want to thank Mrs Shara Merzouk, my sponsor for supporting me. Thank you!