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Every FANOS project is different, however each one is as equally important as it provides vital services to vulnerable children and young individuals.

FANOS Children Community Centre Project

Currently FANOS’ most urgent effort is to build its own Children Community Centre in Kombolcha, North part of Ethiopia. From the early days we have envisioned the Community Centre to be the centre for all our projects However, it is the most costly project that FANOS has yet to undertake and it can only be achieved with the generous help of our sponsors and donors. Please help us by today.

Kombolcha, North Ethiopia

The main reason for building FANOS’ Children Community Centre is to reach out to orphaned and the most vulnerable children or young people who are left without any support. We would offer them a safe place where they can regularly come and visit to either play, read or just talk to our care workers. The Centre will also serve as a first point of contact for disadvantaged children from the street where we can build trust and relationships with them for future sponsorship or other programmes.

We want to see this Community Centre to serve as the framework which provides the stability within which street children and their families can build the intangible aspects that make a community thrive and mature.

The main benefits of the Children Community Centre

To provide a temporary shelter and a “safe place” where children can “park” their thoughts of other issues and evoke happy memories in times of stress. To improve children’s overall well-being and offer them a place to go to and talk to our friendly staff when they need it the most.

To focus our support on children and young people who have been excluded or are on the brink of exclusion from their education. This will include running supplementary classes and various workshops which will help children find their way back to education and better future.

To encourage and develop interpersonal and family relationships, which children excluded from school often find difficult. To re-engage and teach children that achievements can be measured by different things.

To provide useful facilities for children. This will include washrooms, playrooms, classroom for supplementary classes, library, computers and FANOS administration office.

To offer various workshops and children counselling programmes which would benefit children’s development. This will include programmes such as:

- “You are Special Programme” which focuses on ‘emotional wellness’ and ‘self-worth development’ education but the heart of the message is so much more.

- “Family Development Workshop”. This will focus on family issues, parenting, marriage, family planning as well as education about HIV & AIDS. The ultimate goal is to empower parents or guardians to assist their children in reaching their full potential in life.

So far FANOS has managed to raise over £7,000 towards this project but we have still a long way to go to reach the required amount of £23,000 to start building the centre.

Every pound donated to this project makes a huge difference and we can only get there with the support of sponsors.

Total Project Estimated cost:

Total Donation Amount Contributed To Date:

Child in community centre