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Every FANOS project is different, however each one is as equally important as it provides vital services to vulnerable children and young individuals.

Back to School Project

This programme has a distinct target and is designed to help children who cannot go to school because they just cannot afford the cost of tuition, books, uniforms etc.

Many children just want to be able to go back to school and get education like any other child, instead of having to work to support themselves and their families.

Hence FANOS designed a project called a Back to School programme which is a one-off support for unprivileged children to pay towards their yearly school expenses (such as uniforms, shoes, books and stationery) without which they would not otherwise be admitted to school.

Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training programme is a sub-programme of Back to School programme which is designed for older children to ensure continuity in their personal development so they can become successful and independent young people.

Even though the Back to School programme has restricted funds, it also accommodates small grants for older children to take up Further Education courses or ICT & Skills Trainings. Alternatively, it helps young individuals to set up small businesses so they can stand on their own feet and create a sustainable future for themselves.

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£38 can pay for one child’s yearly school expenses:

  • School uniform & shoes
  • School books
  • Stationery (pens, pencils, paper etc.)
  • Travel expenses

£45 can pay for one young person towards:

  • Fees (per year) for Skills Training/ ICT course
  • Small business - opening a small shop/ market stall
How FANOS helped
Back to school

lives with her grandmother and her little brother, and sister. She is an orphan and there are 20 members of a family living with her Grandmother in a one room.

“I have suffered a lot soon after losing my parents. Thank God after I found FANOS my life has enlightened. FANOS helped me not only with the living expenses but also with my school stationeries, uniform, shoes and books. Since 2003 I have been receiving all the necessary help I need. FANOS is also covering my travel expenses because the college is far from where I live. Furthermore, also my cousin who lives with us has been sponsored and this helps the family a lot.  My grandmother is grateful for the help we get. I want to thank my sponsor Mr Esayas Ngusse, Mr Tewodros Kebede for sponsoring my cousin and those who help the organisation who live in UK.”